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You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Either they did not read their own previous whatever you think think the opposite pdf buffet study, or they do not consider it to be part of the literature . I make mistakes myself and some of them get published, but one could easily go through an entire career publishing less than 150 mistakes.

So many in a single paper is kind of amazing. Wansink and his collaborators and found lots more errors. Wansink later released a press release pointing to a website which he said contained data and code from the 4 published papers. Usually we would think that if a lab does great work, this would show up in its publications, but this did not seem to have happened in this case. In particular, even if the papers in question had no data-reporting errors at all, we would have no reason to believe any of the scientific claims that were made therein, as these claims were based on p-values computed from comparisons selected from uncontrolled and abundant researcher degrees of freedom. As noted above, Wansink shared a document that he said contained the data from those studies.

In a new paper, Anaya, van der Zee, and Brown analyzed this new dataset. Wanink’s papers misreported his data and data collection protocols. Furthermore, articles 1, 2, and 4 all claim that the study took place in spring. For the Northern Hemisphere spring is defined as the months March, April, and May. However, the news report was dated November 18, 2007, and the data release states the study took place between October and December. Article 1 states that the diners were asked to estimate how much they ate, while Article 3 states that the amount of pizza and salad eaten was unobtrusively observed, going so far as to say that appropriate subtractions were made for uneaten pizza and salad. Unfortunately, given the field setting, we were not able to accurately measure consumption of non-pizza food items.

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