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The spy who came in from the cold free pdf

This article is about the book. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is a 1963 Cold War spy novel by the spy who came in from the cold free pdf British author John le Carré.

It depicts Alec Leamas, a British agent, being sent to East Germany as a faux defector to sow disinformation about a powerful East German intelligence officer. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold portrays Western espionage methods as morally inconsistent with Western democracy and values. All-Time 100 Novels by Time magazine. In 1965 Martin Ritt directed the cinematic adaptation The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, with Richard Burton as Leamas. NATO war sparked in Germany seemed likely. East German Secret Service, who is working under diplomatic cover in London. The West Berlin office of the Circus is under the command of Station Head Alec Leamas, who served as an SOE operative during World War II and fought in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands and Norway.

To bring Leamas to the East Germans’ attention as a potential defector, the Circus sacks him, leaving him with only a small pension. He takes and loses a miserable job in a run-down library. There, he meets Liz Gold, who is the secretary of her local cell of the Communist Party of Great Britain, and they become lovers. After his release from jail he is approached by an East German recruiter and taken abroad, first to the Netherlands, then to East Germany, en route meeting progressively higher echelons of the Abteilung, the East German intelligence service. During his debriefing he drops casual hints about British payments to a double agent in the Abteilung.

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