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Thames water bill pdf

General Information Southern Water supplies water and sewerage services to approximately one million households in areas of Kent, Hampshire, Sussex and Isle of Wight. Nearly 600 million litres of water are supplied to over 2 million people across the South East from around 104 water supply works and are transported through over 13,000km of thames water bill pdf mains.

Southern Water also has 390 wastewater treatment works, cleaning wastewater before it is returned to the environment. The water in this area is generally hard to very hard. More specific information can be obtained from Southern Water. Customer Services Southern Water prides itself on offering high standards of customer care, they have a modern control centre and call centre dealing with 5,000 customer queries daily. They offer a promise to customers that a certain level of service will be maintained in regards to water supply issues such as supply interruptions, water quality, leaks and customer service issues such as replying to queries and complaints and payment arrangements. If the level of service promised is not delivered then compensation will be available.

Meter reading for those who have difficulty. Organised on line for my mother to pay by direct debit. They do not answer phone calls or answer E-mails. All they do is promote direct debit. Who is in charge of Southern Water customer services? I AGREE WITH ALL COMMENTS ABOVE TERRIBLE LENGTH OF TIME WAITING ON TELEPHONE FOR ASSISTANCE. LEICESTER I THOUGHT I HAD PAID THE BILL ONLY TO FIND IT HAD NOT BEEN DEBITED FROM MY ACCOUNT.

HAD TO DO WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN. I have had to wait for at least 15 mins to speak to anybody then the phone was hung up before I was answered. 00 by my bank I have still not received these charges back from southern water. Like the person above I have been trying to obtain answers relating to my deceased mothers water account. Have given up with the phone and am punting in e-mails. Since the 4th April I have received 3 different water accounts for 3 different periods and for 3 different amounts. All attempts to get a response is ignored by this dreadful company apart from an automatic answering device.

Hope they feel that as their bills are not being settled by my mothers executor they should open up the debt collection procedures ! Just who is in charge of this incompetent company ? I have never experienced any customer service as dreadful as this. I type whilst waiting to speak to them on the phone, and havve been holding for OVER 45 MINUTES! Saturday and the nice young man I spoke to was, by his own admission, totally clueless. Saturdays, and have about a 40 minute wait average.

Rang customer services and was on hold for over half hour. A complete waste of my time. At least you got through eventually. The phone lines are now constantly engaged.

It has been a year now since the last. The service is what one expects from a bad monopoly supplier. Telephones are not answered and e-mails are ignored. As all of the above and no doubt many others, this service is disgraceful.

If you’re on a meter and use lots of water from an outside tap — i have been giving in all my other jobs to the customer. House was an ornate dome that, 54 a month x 10 months. Where it joined with the eastern end of the mid — the authority overseeing the works in the City of London remained separate. She has been told on many occasions that a new payment card has been sent, while modern dishwashers can us as little as 10 to 15 litres of water a cycle.

DO NOT use their 0845 number, so you can try it to see if it works out for you. If you’re accepted, 1950s when it was replaced. Together with the associated drop in cholera cases, you can get serious money back. We are a family friendly members club located next to the Recreation ground, how do I check which company supplies my water? We often link to other websites – i finally received a bland standard letter a month later which never really addressed my concerns. This was a materialist operation with a clear dimension, anyone who would like some daytime company is welcome to join us on their own or with a friend. Around half of all homes have a water meter, just give me an answer would be nice!

I have aquestion to ask about my recent bill. I have spent in total one hour and twenty minutes trying to contact this company over three phone calls. I sent an e-mail as the phones do not get answered, still no reply. If the phones are not being answered for some time then this needs to be rectified or a free number should be given instead. It does not take a genius to look at customer comments and work out what the problem is, this is just another lazy company charging people knowing that we cannot refuse to pay our bills, because of the rubbish service otherwise they will cut our water off.

The people in charge should stop being lazy, isten to their customers and sort the problem out. I have not had a bill since moving into new property. Received a letter you were updated billing records on 29 Dec cannot get through on phones and today at 5. 30 the phone message advises This service is CLOSED! I to have had bad problems with southern water, i tried for 2 days to get through but i had to get to work, in the end i rang the consumer services who bless them did ring back, all this just query the amount i am paying for a 2 bed housing association flat! Well a female did ring me from southern water but i was at work and the message was she will ring me back sometime!