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Teaching oral english pdf

If you are the account owner, please submit ticket for further information. Is it ever OK to teaching oral english pdf in a job interview? So you want to be a teacher? Tips and activities for teaching phrasal verbs using an oral text.

This approach combines teaching phrasal verbs as a thematic set and teaching phrasal verbs using a text. In this case the text is an oral text given by the teacher. The presentation of this text is through a simplified dictagloss. A dictagloss is an excellent way of practising grammar and vocabulary as learners work on a combination of meaning and form. Lesson aim: To present a set of 12 phrasal verbs connected to a person’s daily morning routine.

This is a simplified dictagloss, because students already have some words and gaps to help them remember. Students use the original text to either write one about their own morning routine, or a different kind of morning routine. Download the worksheet from the bottom of the page. Ask the students if they are morning people. In English, if you like the morning and wake up easily you are a morning person.

If it is difficult for you to wake up and you hate the morning then you are not a morning person. Tell them if you are a morning person or not. Then ask students to give a show of hands as to who is a morning person. Explain that today they are going to hear about someone who is a ‘morning person’. Tell students that they have to listen very carefully. At this stage they can’t write anything, so pens should be on the table.

Later on they will be writing. They might want to put their heads down on the table or close their eyes the first time they hear the story. When you have finished, repeat it once more. The alarm goes off at 7:00. I wake up, lean over and turn off the alarm. I get up quickly and go downstairs. I go back upstairs and have a shower.

I sing a song in the shower. When I come downstairs again, I have my first cup of coffee. Then I have some toast and a second cup of coffee. I wash my cup and tidy up the kitchen. I take my bag and set off to work. I lock up the house before I go.