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Semitic-speaking region in the Ancient Near East during the late 2nd millennium BC. The word Canaanites serves as an ethnic catch-all term covering various indigenous populations—both settled and nomadic-pastoral groups—throughout the regions of the southern Levant or Canaan. It is by far the most frequently used ethnic term in the Bible. Phoenicia in the last half of the 1st millennium.

Kana’an, the general Northwest Semitic name for this region. After a popular uprising against his rule, Idrimi was forced into exile with his mother’s relatives to seek refuge in “the land of Canaan”, where he prepared for an eventual attack to recover his city. AT 181: A list of ‘Apiru people with their origins. AT 188: A list of Muskenu people with their origins.

References to Canaanites are also found throughout the Amarna letters of Pharaoh Akhenaten c. EA 131: Letter of Rib-Hadda: “If he does not send archers, they will take and all the other cities, and the lands of Canaan will not belong to the king. May the king ask Yanhamu about these matters. EA 148: Letter from Abimilku to the Pharaoh: ” has taken over the land of the king for the ‘Apiru. EA 151: Letter from Abimilku to the Pharaoh: “The king, my lord wrote to me: ‘write to me what you have heard from Canaan’. According to Jonathan Tubb, this suggests that the Semitic people of Ugarit, contrary to much modern opinion, considered themselves to be non-Canaanite.

The other Ugarit reference, KTU 4. 96, shows a list of traders assigned to royal estates, of which one of the estates had three Ugaritans, an Ashdadite, an Egyptian and a Canaanite. A Middle Assyrian letter during the reign of Shalmaneser I includes a reference to the “travel to Canaan” of an Assyrian official. Lebanon, in northern Canaan, bordered by the Litani river to the watershed of the Orontes River, was known by the Egyptians as upper Retjenu.

16 references are known in Egyptian sources, from the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt onwards. Padiiset’s Statue is the last known Egyptian reference to Canaan, a small statuette labelled “Envoy of the Canaan and of Peleset, Pa-di-Eset, the son of Apy”. 850 BC, more than 300 years after the preceding known inscription. 330 BC, the dominant empires of the Neo-Assyrians and Achaemenid Persians make no mention of Canaan. The Greek term Phoenicia is first attested in the first two works of Western literature, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Saint Augustine also mentions that one of the terms the seafaring Phoenicians called their homeland was “Canaan”. Augustine also records that the rustic people of Hippo in North Africa retained the Punic self-designation Chanani.

The Greeks also popularized the term Palestine, named after the Greek Philistines or the Aegean Pelasgians, for roughly the region of Canaan, excluding Phoenicia, with Herodotus’ first recorded use of Palaistinê, c. Iron I giving way to kingdoms in Iron II. One of the earliest settlements in the region was at Jericho in Canaan. The earliest settlements were seasonal, but, by the Bronze Age, had developed into large urban centres.

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