/Software metrics project management pdf

Software metrics project management pdf

A has partnered software metrics project management pdf QAI to develop a comprehensive Internet-based software engineering curriculum. Engineers use numbers to help them design and assess the product to be built.

History of Software MeasurementA book-length dissertation by Horst Zuse. Includes a voluminous bibliography on metrics. From the abstract: “Why are software projects so prone to failure? In large part, it’s because of a profound lack of visibility and transparency into development processes.

And this lack of visibility only increases with the complexity of projects and physical distribution of teams. This means that projects that are sent offshore are even more challenged when it comes to visibility, transparency and control. Software Engineering Metrics: What Do They Measure and How Do We Know? The paper continues with a framework for evaluating proposed metrics, and applies it to two uses of bug counts. A useful introduction by Karl Wiegers. Presents an overview of the collection, analysis, and reporting of software metrics. Also many links to metrics resources.

A detailed discussion produced by SPC. George Stark has prepared useful information of software metrics including an annotated bibliography. A comprehensive glossary of metrics terms. A comprehensive set of links prepared by Thomas Fetcke contains pointers to conferences, tools products, training, SPI and other related topics.