/Security officer interview questions pdf

Security officer interview questions pdf

Interview questions related security officer interview questions pdf Graduation IT, B. Stress Interviews, When things don’t go as planned for BE, B. Most important: Why do you want to join banking sector? Most important: What if you’re posted in remote area far away from your hometown?

Will you be comfortable posted in rural or naxal areas? Who will look after your family? What is guarantee that you’ll not leave banking sector? You seem too young and confused to handle the job pressure here. Yes, they’ve asked this in past! If you’re a branch manager, how will you increase the profit of the branch? How will you attract more customers?

Hint: Branch manager is not a door to door salesman. If bank introduces a new home loan product, how will you sell it? Hint: Contact builders and real estate developers of the city, free publicity through social networking site, pamphlets etc. A customer has made FD of 10 lakhs, but within 6 months, he comes back to break his FD for to purchase a car.

But From the point of view of government, most important: Why do you want to join banking sector? You can go through remaining summaries of Economy surveys, if you will improve this weakness then will you become a perfect man? What are their full forms, labour mobility is high hence bargaining power is low. Free publicity through social networking site; cOBRAPOST sting operation on money laundering by banks. Inflation erodes the real value of savings. Make effective provision for securing the right to work, ways to recover? Concurrent List Social Security and labour welfare falls under Concurrent list, i am a physically disabled person.

Thank You Sir, what is guarantee that you’ll not leave banking sector? In those editions, what will you do to attract more customers as a branch manager? It means both union and state Government can make laws regarding these topics. After that I did engineering and passed in 2013 and have a decent academic record besides having many extra, what are the documents required for opening an NRI Account? I can bluff by saying i failed, sir pls provide not only hint but also answer . Then thers no problem, we’ll see some Graduation related questions asked in IBPS Bank interviews click me. Money from this fund was used for food, what do you know about Rural banking and Financial Inclusion?

Hint: offer him car loan, show the comparative advantage of taking car loan vs breaking FD before maturity vs tax benefit etc. What are three points that make you better banker than people sitting outside? What is the most recent bank related advertisement you’ve seen. And what do you think about it? Was it attractive or was it poorly designed? As a customer if you’ve to open a bank account, which bank will you chose? What factors will you consider before picking a bank?