/Rs means free pdf download

Rs means free pdf download

This article is about the RS-232 standard. For RS-232 variants, see serial port. Electrical signal characteristics such as voltage levels, rs means free pdf download rate, timing, and slew-rate of signals, voltage withstand level, short-circuit behavior, and maximum load capacitance. Interface mechanical characteristics, pluggable connectors and pin identification.

Functions of each circuit in the interface connector. Standard subsets of interface circuits for selected telecom applications. Because the standard did not foresee the requirements of devices such as computers, printers, test instruments, POS terminals, and so on, designers implementing an RS-232 compatible interface on their equipment often interpreted the standard idiosyncratically. The resulting common problems were non-standard pin assignment of circuits on connectors, and incorrect or missing control signals. It remained in widespread use into the late 1990s. The standard has been renamed several times during its history as the sponsoring organization changed its name, and has been variously known as EIA RS-232, EIA 232, and, most recently as TIA 232.

25 volts, and the circuit capacitance limit was expressly stated as 2500 pF. Revision E of EIA-232 introduced a new, smaller, standard D-shell 26-pin “Alt A” connector, and made other changes to improve compatibility with CCITT standards V. Because RS-232 is used beyond the original purpose of interconnecting a terminal with a modem, successor standards have been developed to address the limitations. The large voltage swings and requirement for positive and negative supplies increases power consumption of the interface and complicates power supply design. The voltage swing requirement also limits the upper speed of a compatible interface. Single-ended signaling referred to a common signal ground limits the noise immunity and transmission distance. Multi-drop connection among more than two devices is not defined.

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