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Presentation zen design pdf

I have only recently started speaking at conferences. I would find a lot of great advice, presentation zen design pdf most of it was too high level.

Tips on how to improve your body language and slide design were cool, but for more advanced presenters. What I needed was someone to say: here’s 20 slides, and here’s what you should put on them. I couldn’t find much, so I created a framework and used it for a few recent talks. It worked great so I figured I’d share it. The basic philosophy: get your first draft done quickly and improve from there. The goal of this video is to help you complete your first draft in less than 2 hours. I didn’t put much polish on this presentation because I wanted to show you what a first draft could look like.

My goal is to get you to useful and interesting quickly. If you are reading this post in a reader or email, you can click here to see the 15:00 video. What are we going to learn? Why you should listen to me. What you can do to take action now.

Use specific data, anecdotes, or screenshots to back up your stories. Shoot for 2 slides a minute minimum. I find the longer I work my deck, the more the words melt away. Considering sharing where you messed up and what you realized when doing so. It helps audiences relate to your successes and see their own path to similar results.

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Create paths of action at the end of your talk for people who want to do something with your ideas. I’d love to hear alternative formats, improvements on this one, your presentations, or any other resources you have on the topic! How about the Bruce Lee vid? I’ve decided to add some webinar content for my business and have had a little difficulty getting past go. I think I just found my starting point! Great Post and Video Dan, have you just started using video?