/Mourner”s bill of rights pdf

Mourner”s bill of rights pdf

At 95, Betty White is busier, sassier, spunkier, and better than ever. The mourner’s bill of rights pdf actress and comedian has appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls, Hot In Cleveland, and on countless talk shows during her incredible 60-some years on television. ON THE ART OF A DIRTY JOKE. Well, I mean, if a joke or humor is bawdy, it’s got to be funny enough to warrant it.

You can’t just have it bawdy or dirty just for the sake of being that—it’s got to be funny. I have no regrets at all. I consider myself to be the luckiest old broad on two feet. ON WHETHER SHE’S EVER MADE SOMEONE ANGRY.

They’re just more attractive to me. Of course, at my age there aren’t that many left! I only go in the kitchen to feed my dog. I am still to this day star struck. I look out at this audience and I see so many famous faces, but what really boggles my mind is that I actually know many of you. Keep busy with your work and your life. You can’t become a professional mourner.

It doesn’t help you or others. Keep the person in your heart all the time. Be grateful for the years you had. ON STARRING IN A SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL FOR SNICKERS. Well I love Snickers and I thought, sure that’d be fun, why not? I had to do was just lie down in it.

This poor stunt woman took the dive, she went in. ON HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS OUTSIDE OF SHOW BUSINESS. Today is all about celebrating puppies and encouraging adoption. I’ve worked with the Morris Animal Foundation for over 50 years, I’ve worked with the Los Angeles Zoo for over 50 years. The Morris Animal Foundation is an animal health organization, and we fund humane studies into specific health problems—dogs, cats, horses and zoo and wildlife. I said, okay, I’ll start it. ON HOW IT FEELS TO BE CALLED “LEGENDARY.

My favorite food is hot dogs with French fries. And my exercise: I have a two-story house and a very bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs. From a 2012 interview with The New York Times. ON THE VIRAL FACEBOOK PETITION THAT GOT HER TO HOST SNL. Well I didn’t know what Facebook was, that’s how dumb I was.