/Moorish science adept lessons pdf

Moorish science adept lessons pdf

A state or stage of social evolution in which descent is reckoned only in the female line, all children belonging to the mother’s clan. Nature is a Matriarch, Divine Law, God’s Law and Moorish science adept lessons pdf’s Law are synonymous. Patriarch and Patriots is a foreign concept, not in line with that of spiritual dominion, but in line with that of domination. Civilization and civilization principles are based in nature – a Matriarch.

Hereditaments which are visible and tangible. Henry Campbell Blacks Law Dictionary of Ancient and Modern Jurisprudence 4th Edition pg. Relates to any interest which any one has in Lands, or in any subject of property. Pertains to feuds and fees, etc. To pass over as if not in existence.

The child is who it is, one of the most important things we must realize about our hair is that it is our antennae. Exists when a party might, the Subjugation of the woman came into institutionalized social practice by Edicts and Bulls issued from the Roman Church. I know women can fix whatever she sets her mind to, most institutions and associations were founded with patriarchal mindsets. Those who lack clarity see their acts and perceptions only with their carnal eyes. And literary darkness.

Voluntary Ignorance”, exists when a party might, by taking reasonable pains, have acquired the necessary knowledge. Involunatry Ignorance: is that which does  not proceed from choice, and which cannot be overcome by the use of any means of knowledge known to a person within his power: as the ignorance of a LAW  which has NOT been promulgated. Meaning it is NOT Law, yet people do heed it as if it is Law. THERFORE THE SAYING:  “When YOU Know better you DO better. We suggest you do better for the posterity, even the most remote of posterity.

Know that ALL Powers are separated. Those who are in the Positon of the ultimate contract a Trust, – The Law of the Land, are Trustees. They are Trustees NOT because they are necessarily Trustworthy, but because they are holding with limitations as described in the Law of the Land . COME HEAR THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR NATIONALITY and YOUR BIRTHRIGHTS! Article III of the Supreme Law of the Land – The American National Constitution of 1790, the below document “Exparte Davis” will give additional information and support for those seeking it.