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Manual de cine digital pdf

Sony Playstation 2 Manual de cine digital pdf-90001 on manualslib. Sony Playstation 2 SCPH-90001 User Manual Ps2.

Before using this product, carefully read the supplied documentation. Avant d’utiliser ce produit, lisez attentivement la documentation fournie. Antes de utilizar este producto, lea detenidamente la documentación suministrada. PC through the Internet and contains information on performing advanced operations on the console, technical specifications and other information. Page 3: Getting Started, Part Names Preparation Getting started Positioning the console Set the console in a horizontal position only. MEMORY CARD MEMORY CARD Caution Do not place the console in locations where it may be exposed to magnetic fields, such as those produced by magnets or loudspeakers. Do not plug the AC power cord for the console into an electrical outlet until you have made all other connections.

TV screen for an extended period of time, “ghosting” may occur. This is a characteristic of these types of TVs. Static, non-moving images, such as console setting menus, DVD menus or paused images, may leave a faint image permanently on the TV screen if left on for an extended time. Page 6: Connecting Digital Audio Equipment, Connecting The Controller Connecting digital audio equipment By using a commercially available optical digital cable to connect digital audio equipment, you can enjoy surround sound with the effect of being in a movie theater or a concert hall. The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. AC IN connector on the console rear. Page 8: Turning The Console On And Off Turning the console on and off Before turning on the console Do not turn on the console until you have finished these steps.

Refer to the instructions supplied with your TV for details. Change your TV setting to display output from the line to which the console is connected. Page 9: Playing A Game Games Playing a game MEMORY CARD Before playing a game Check that the connections to the TV and audio equipment are correct and that the precautions have been met. Page 10: Ending A Game Close the disc cover. After the disc cover is closed, the game will start.

If you turn on the console after inserting a disc, the game will start automatically. RESET button on the console front. It also has a vibration function. This product is no longer manufactured. Page 13 Inserting a memory card Insert the memory card into a memory card slot on the console front. Console front MEMORY CARD MEMORY CARD MEMORY CARD Hint Some software titles designate a specific memory card slot to use.

Page 6: Connecting Digital Audio Equipment, original and Play List will be selected in turn each time you press the button. “Play mode contents cleared” – une fois le couvercle du compartiment à disque fermé, suivez les étapes 1 à 4 de la section “Démarrage d’un jeu”. Page 23 Select the desired setting, you can enjoy surround sound with the effect of being in a movie theater or a concert hall. Pulse el botón Se completa el ajuste del elemento.

Refer to the instructions supplied with the software for details. Follow steps 1 to 4 of “Starting a game”. Using the directional buttons, select the track number you want to play and then press the Playback begins. Page 15 Ending audio CD playback Using the directional buttons, select x and then press the button. Playing in various modes You can set for “Play Mode” and “Repeat”.

Page 16: Watching A Dvd DVDs Watching a DVD You can operate the DVD player using the following methods. If you turn on the console after inserting a disc, playback will begin automatically. You can search either forwards or backwards to quickly locate a particular point on a DVD. Original and Play List will be selected in turn each time you press the button. Page 21 Select the chapter number, and then press the To play all the chapters, select “All”. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to set other titles or chapters. Hint The setting will not be cleared after Program Play finishes.

Shuffle Play You can set this option for random playback of all titles or chapters recorded on a disc. Page 22: Adjusting Dvd Player Settings Clearing playback modes Clears playback modes to allow normal playback. A message stating, “Play mode contents cleared”, is displayed and the console returns to normal playback. Hint If multiple playback modes have been set in a combination, all playback modes are cleared. Page 23 Select the desired setting, and then press the The setting of the item is completed. The default setting for each menu item is underlined in the explanations below.

You can use this setting to help reduce roughness in the on-screen image and produce a cleaner picture. DNR2″ is more effective for reducing image roughness than “DNR1”, but in some cases an afterimage may appear. Page 25 Setting viewer options In “Custom Setup” you can set a Parental Control level and adjust other playback features. Pause mode You can use this option to set the picture status when playback is paused. Auto A picture with moving elements is displayed without jitter. Use the directional buttons to select the first letter, and then press the right directional button.