/History of physiological psychology pdf

History of physiological psychology pdf

Psychology evolved from philosophy, science, medicine and theology. Psychology evolved out of a coalescence of natural science and the branch of history of physiological psychology pdf known as epistemology or the theory of knowledge. In the beginning, psychology was a 3-way synthesis of physics, physiology and mental philosophy.

The roots of psychology go back to Egypt and the Egyptian mystery system. Early psychology focused on measuring and understanding the mind. Later psychology focused on measuring and understanding behavior. Observation and interpretation of data were the business of the philosopher. Beginning with the Ancient Greeks, philosophers learned a great deal about the world around them, and attempted to arrange their learning in an orderly way, and speculated on its meaning. As philosophers increased their knowledge, they developed specialties within the field of philosophy. Psychology was housed under philosophy as “Mental Philosophy” which was concerned with psychological principles.

Once you become familiar with the history of psychology, you will see that psychology and knowledge in general has evolved as man has evolved — both in consciousness and intellect or knowledge. Psychology did not become an independent discipline separate from philosophy until the late 19th century. The search for knowledge was the quest of the early philosopher scientists — the desire to know. Psychology was interwoven in early science and philosophy.

Egypt was known for its Egyptian Mystery System or set of secret doctrines, since knowledge was power in those days. Only the privileged few had access to knowledge and they kept this knowledge secret and passed most of it on in secret societies. The Egyptians are also reported to have been prolific writers, but few knew how to translate their writing system of Hieroglyphics and Coptic. It has only been in recent decades that Egyptologists were able to understand the early writings. A great philosophical text developed by an Egyptian scholar is The Kybalion – written by Hermes Trismegistus.

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