/High yield series pdf free download

High yield series pdf free download

For every marijuana grower, achieving a high final yield is the ultimate goal. In an ideal world, this yield will be high despite less effort, time, and money being used. There are a number of factors that can negatively affect your yield, so as a grower you need to always be aware and high yield series pdf free download to combat these things to ensure a great yield. What are the main things that can affect your yield?

They are light intensity, pruning or training, nutrients, climate issues, and the harvest time. All five of these factors can lead to successful yields, but if they are not handled correctly, then they also have the potential to devastate your marijuana crop. You, therefore, need to be well informed and ready for any unexpected hurdles that might come your way. More than anything, the genetics of your marijuana plant are going to have the greatest effect on the final yield.

Make sure you choose a strain with a high potency and yield to begin with so you ensure that you can maximize your crop to an amazing extent. You will know your plants are having an issue with the intensity of the light by the way they are growing. Once these stretched out plants have reached their flower phase, it will be difficult to get them an adequate amount of light to increase their bud growth. It’s, therefore, easy to understand why it’s such an important factor for your marijuana garden.

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