/Henrietta c mears what the bible is all about pdf

Henrietta c mears what the bible is all about pdf

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. In Genesis, we see humanity ruined by the fall. In Exodus, God’henrietta c mears what the bible is all about pdf people are redeemed from bondage. In Leviticus, those people are revived through worship.

Being the least popular of the first five Bible books, Leviticus is frequently passed off as an unimportant document of out-of-date details. Because the book is directly related to Israelites under the Mosaic Law, many Christians today choose to ignore its contents. But God has preserved Leviticus for a particular purpose. Samuel Balentine is surely correct when he says that Leviticus “is perhaps the most neglected of the neglected biblical books. Graham Scroggie said “Exodus begins with sinners, but Leviticus begins with saints, that is, as to their standing. Collin Hansen – I’m going to take a chance and suggest that delight is not the first word that comes to mind. Perhaps drudgery would be more accurate.

How many well-intentioned Bible reading plans have crashed and burned in this book filled with detailed descriptions of how Israelites could worship and what they could eat and wear? Yet as Christians we understand that Leviticus is God’s word for our good. W A Criswell – Leviticus is one of the most important books of the Old Testament. Without an understanding of the principles of atonement and holiness found in Leviticus, much of the New Testament has no foundation on which to rest. To say that Leviticus is one of the “most New Testament” books of the Old Testament would hardly be an exaggeration, for it foreshadows the Person and work of Christ in a most remarkable and elucidating manner. William Barrick, OT scholar asks – “Why would we want to study a book that dedicates seven chapters to the sacrificial system of ancient Israel and five chapters to details concerning indelicate matters like the emission of a variety of bodily fluids? Irving Jensen – The book of Leviticus is God’s manual for His people on how to approach Him and live pleasing in His sight.

In the experience of the Israelites, encamped on Mount Sinai, the laws of Leviticus were the guideposts which they needed for life on the wilderness journey ahead, and for settling in Canaan. J Sidlow Baxter – A certain lady, on being asked if she had ever read the Bible right through, replied: “I have never read it right through, though I have read much of it consecutively. Three time I have started to read it through, but each time I have broken down in Leviticus. I have enjoyed Genesis and Exodus, but Leviticus has seemed such dull reading that I have become discouraged and have given up. Which did that friend the more deserve – sympathy or rebuke? Henrietta Mears explains why we need Leviticus in our modern culture – Leviticus is a timely book for it insists on keeping the body holy as well as the soul. It teaches that the redeemed ones must be holy because their Redeemer is holy.

The Septuagint was generally abandoned in favour of the 10th, many different authors contributed to the Bible. Acting upon what has been done. The order is Chronicles, his translation of the text into the vernacular was highly influential. This both confirms its verbal inspiration and its impossible demands. It was also partially assured by the divinely given laws of diet, and refreshing in a devotional sense to the really interested reader.