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Golf guide for beginners pdf

As the governing body of golf in Canada, Golf Canada holds the exclusive right to publish and distribute the Rules of Golf in Golf guide for beginners pdf. Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland and the United States Golf Association.

A joint committee of these associations, on which the Rules Chairman of Golf Canada sits, is charged with revising, modernizing and improving the Rules of Golf and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf. These two documents form the complete Rules of Golf that are used universally throughout the world of golf. Golf Canada has the exclusive right to publish and distribute the Rules of Golf throughout Canada. The Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf are available for purchase online or by calling us at 1-800-263-0009. In addition to publishing the Rules, Golf Canada has created a national Rules Education Program that leads to national certification as a Rules Official. The program description is contained on the Rules Education section of this website.

You will also find links to the lists of conforming clubs and balls that are used by all associations and updated monthly by the USGA. For clubs or committees in charge of competitions, the Conditions of Competition and Standard Local Rules Golf Canada implements at all championships is posted for your reference. In addition, a list of local rules that should be considered is available on this website. To contact Golf Canada for a ruling during a competition please call Adam Helmer, Director of Rules and Competitions at 416-450-6374. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. Rules Education Golf Canada offers several programs to learn the Rules of Golf. Whether you have an interest in learning the basics or wish to pursue national certification as a rules official, Golf Canada offers the right program for you.

Read about each level of education below and then click on the appropriate link for more information. You can also view our Rules Education Pathway. Level 1 Level 1 of the program is a beginner program that introduces the basic concepts and language of the Rules of Golf. Examples, videos, animations and exercises are used to introduce the student to the principles of the Rules and how to use the Rules book. The program is ideal for juniors, beginners and golfers who have had no previous experience with the Rules. Level 2 Level 2 of the program builds on the experience of Level 1 and introduces the key reference manual for officials: the Decisions on the Rules of Golf. This publication is the key to understanding how the Rules of Golf are applied on the course.

In addition to introducing some of the fundamental rules through examples, videos and exercises, Level 2 teaches the student how to use the Decisions book effectively when the Rules book alone does not provide the answer. Level 3 Level 3 of the program is comprised of a three day seminar conducted by the provincial golf associations. The seminar covers the most common Rules of Golf and includes practical sessions that demonstrate how the Rules apply on the golf course. To be certified at Level 3 an official must successfully pass the exam and meet the minimum practical requirements. The Level 3 program leads to provincial certification as a tournament official. Note: Level 3 and Level 4 exams must be written in separate calendar years. Level 4 Level 4 of the program leads to national rules certification.

This is a necessary, but not sufficient qualification to work as a rules official at a Golf Canada national championship. The Level 4 program is intended for experienced rules officials who wish to improve both their technical and practical knowledge as a rules official. Considerable time is spent on the golf course discussing complex issues of the Rules of Golf. 100 hours of satisfactory on-course experience as a Level 3 Rules Official at regional or provincial events. Rules Seminar Information Golf Canada’s Level 4 Rules of Golf seminars are intended for experienced officials.

Level 4 or equivalent by Golf Canada. There will be a review session available on the Saturday afternoon prior to the exam, which will be written on the Sunday morning at each of the below scheduled seminars. Exam only participants must attend Saturday and Sunday. The Level 4 Seminar will consist of a combination of classroom theory and sessions focusing on the practical application of tournament officiating. Participants are expected to have a good understanding of the Rules of Golf prior to attending. In order to take full advantage of the curriculum, in addition to the above criteria, participants should have some experience as a tournament official. Participants have the option to attend only Saturday and Sunday and write the Level 4 Exam.

Participants who want to write the exam, must attend both sessions. The exam will consist of a combination of multiple choice and word questions similar to the examples provided in the Seminar Workbook. The exam time limit is 3 hours. The Level 4 Rules Exam may be taken only once per calendar year and only at the seminar in which you are registered. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Your application will be confirmed by email. 4 weeks prior to the seminar date. If you register and must withdraw, please be kind enough to advise us as soon as possible. Note: The seminar fee includes all course materials, light breakfast and lunch each day. A and USGA received feedback from thousands of golfers around the world. The changes are now being finalized and will take effect on January 1, 2019. Golf Canada has decided for those level 4 officials whose certification will no longer be valid in 2018, we will be extending their certification until December 31, 2018.