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Get the edge workbook pdf

B2B Content Marketing get the edge workbook pdf: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America sponsored by Brightcove, indicates that B2B marketers continue to see content marketing success as they explore ways to work more creatively and build their audiences. B2B marketers surveyed report more success with their overall content marketing compared with one year ago.

How can marketers keep that momentum? How will you take your content marketing to the next level? In the 2018 results, however, some additional characteristics appear in the picture of the more successful marketers. Consider how you can use these insights to make your content marketing programs more successful. This is terrific news to see more marketers doing what CMI has been urging them to do for years. Because your audience can be one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Content marketing gives you a way to build a subscribed audience, which is what differentiates content marketing from other forms of marketing.

How to use this insight: Distinguishing between leads and subscribers is important for B2B organizations that want to differentiate. A lead is someone who discloses information in exchange for a piece of content or something else of value. This doesn’t necessarily mean they want to have an ongoing conversation with your business. In fact, the lead may not have an active interest in your products or services at all. A subscriber is someone who signs up to receive regular communication from a company because the subscriber believes you have something valuable to offer him or her— and you’ll continue to provide this value beyond the initial engagement.

In other words, the subscriber signs up in anticipation of the value expected to be received. But don’t ignore the possibility of the reverse situation. If your lead-gen piece is great, you could earn a subscriber at the same time you earn the lead. You can also mine leads for subscribers, just as you might mine subscribers for leads. Blend craft and process Effective content creation entails getting quality projects completed efficiently. As you can see, most respondents value creativity and craft.

Where successful content marketers seem to have an edge is that they have good processes. How to use this insight: Process and creativity are not at odds. Process is key to enable your team to have time to be creative. Discontinue ineffective activities For the first time, we asked respondents if they stopped content marketing activities they found to be ineffective to concentrate on those that yield the best results. Even the top performers have work to do in this area. How to use this insight: You and your team only have so much time to work. You need to be sure you’re working on the right things.

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Instead of only adding things to your content to-do lists, remove some things to make room for others. It all comes back to that documented content marketing strategy. CMI founder Joe Pulizzi has talked about strategy documentation for years, and it’s more important now than ever. Once your content marketing strategy is documented, get hyper-focused and work only on things that support your strategy. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: What Should Your Content Marketing Priorities Be? Nearly every year brand awareness was the top goal and website traffic was the top metric. Again, though, even the top performers have room to improve.

Once you pick your goals, then pick the corresponding metrics. Special thanks to all our survey respondents and distribution partners, as well as to Kim Moutsos, CMI vice president of content, and Michele Linn, CMI editorial strategy adviser, for their assistance with this article. To ensure that you receive the latest research when it’s released, subscribe to the free CMI daily newsletter. Author: Lisa Murton Beets Lisa Murton Beets is Content Marketing Institute’s research director.

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