/Gel electrophoresis principle pdf

Gel electrophoresis principle pdf

The DNA size marker is gel electrophoresis principle pdf commercial 1 kbp ladder. The position of the wells and direction of DNA migration is noted. Agarose gel is easy to cast, has relatively fewer charged groups, and is particularly suitable for separating DNA of size range most often encountered in laboratories, which accounts for the popularity of its use. The separated DNA may be viewed with stain, most commonly under UV light, and the DNA fragments can be extracted from the gel with relative ease.

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Most agarose gels used are between 0. Agarose gel is a three-dimensional matrix formed of helical agarose molecules in supercoiled bundles that are aggregated into three-dimensional structures with channels and pores through which biomolecules can pass. The 3-D structure is held together with hydrogen bonds and can therefore be disrupted by heating back to a liquid state. Agarose gel has large pore size and good gel strength, making it suitable as an anticonvection medium for the electrophoresis of DNA and large protein molecules. 500 nm, and its gel strength allows gels as dilute as 0. The agarose polymer contains charged groups, in particular pyruvate and sulphate. Gels of plasmid preparations usually show a major band of supercoiled DNA with other fainter bands in the same lane.

Note that by convention DNA gel is displayed with smaller DNA fragments nearer to the bottom of the gel. This is because historically DNA gels were run vertically and the smaller DNA fragments move downwards faster. DNA being electrophoresed, the voltage used, the ionic strength of the buffer, and the concentration of intercalating dye such as ethidium bromide if used during electrophoresis. Smaller molecules travel faster than larger molecules in gel, and double-stranded DNA moves at a rate that is inversely proportional to the logarithm of the number of base pairs.