/Five little pigs pdf

Five little pigs pdf

Animal Rescue and ONLY Pig Museum in America! Come out and enjoy a day with the animals and five little pigs pdf the ONLY Pig Museum in America.

3 per person includes food for the animals. 7 acre location provides permanent homes for many farm animals, dogs and cats that are not adoptable due to age, handicap, breed or temperament. We also provide temporary homes to others who may be adopted out to responsible new owners. We provide experiences that your kids will be telling their kids about! We are the perfect location for your next field trip!

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Please contact Cindy at: 314-241-3488 to set up a date and time for your group. Ciick here to download our Visitor Release for your group. Fundraising Efforts for the care of our Rescued Fur Babies. We are now preparing for our 2018 Yard Sale! February through March we will be holding our sale to raise funds for the care of our many rescued animals. Anyone can help by donating tax-deductible items to the Where Pigs Fly Farm.

Please contact CIndy at 314-241-3488 if you have items to donate and would like to have them picked up. Watch our Facebook Page for dates and times. Join us for the 2018 Spring Fling. There will be critters to pet, food and drinks, vendors, games, silent auction, hay rides and horseback rides. So you think your an Artist? 1000 if you are as good as you think you are.