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Dr raymond francis never be sick again pdf

Please forward this error screen to 216. The dr raymond francis never be sick again pdf season of Everybody Loves Raymond aired from September 13, 1996 until April 7, 1997. Debra is upset with Ray’s family’s invasive behavior, especially the awful Mother.

The Barones live across the street and have the habit of bursting in unannounced. When Debra wants to be alone on her birthday, and Ray’s family wants to have a party, he tries to come up with a plan to make everyone happy, but it ends up in a mess. During dinner with their friends, Bernie and Linda, they witness public display of affection. Later Debra is dying to know why Ray can’t do the same for her as he doesn’t even say, “I Love You” anymore.

Ray involves his parents and gets everyone upset. When a family member on Ray’s side dies it becomes Ray’s job to give the eulogy at the funeral ceremony. Marie and Alda have a huge fight during the funeral about Ray’s wedding and it’s up to Ray to patch them up. Robert wants Ray and Debra to take an IQ test as part of a police assignment.

Ray becomes neurotic when he discovers Debra is smarter than he is. But Ray and Debra’s moods change when they discover that Ray was the one who scored the highest. Later Robert reveals that he was just playing with their self-image for a class of his. Ray is attracted to a waitress at Nemo’s and Debra finds out about the so-called “attraction” after Ray accidentally leaves his wallet at the restaurant. She then drags the whole family to Nemo’s to meet the waitress. Frank begins to consider himself a writer after the Reader’s Digest publishes one of his funny stories in the “Humor in Uniform” section.

He writes his own column and asks Ray to give it to his editor. Ray is babied again when his interfering mother Marie, moves in with them after a fight with Frank. Debra, however, upset about the idea of Marie moving in, decides to spend time with Frank. Debra’s parents visit for a weekend.

The Barones and the Whelans are complete opposites in everything and when they try to have dinner together in a fancy restaurant, it turns into a complete disaster due to Ray’s parents acting up as usual. 2300 to his father while playing poker at Nemo’s with Frank’s lodge buddies, she and Marie try to get the money returned. It turns out Marie has been stealing money from Frank and wasting it behind his back. Debra wants to start her own Thanksgiving tradition by serving fish instead of turkey. Marie is selfishly complaining that she is doing this on her year.

Debra tries her best to make sure that the meal is a huge success when she discovers that Marie is rooting for her failure, and inviting more guests to witness it. When Nemo’s basketball team performs badly in the Pizza League, the other players elect Robert as their captain. When Robert leaves him out of the second half, Ray is disappointed and jealous. Debra suggests giving up the team and spending time with the family, and Ray agrees. Robert bosses the team around and they kick him out. Ray becomes their new captain and misses a day out with Debra and the kids. When Ray confronts Frank about a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle, Frank admits that it is a fake and that he signed it himself.

Ray is very hurt and decides never to lie to his kids. His resolution is put to test when Ally asks about Santa Claus. Ray starts to question his beliefs and talks to Frank about it. Debra, Ally and Michael are sick, and Ray has to take to kids to the doctor. He has a meeting with Terry Bradshaw that he cannot avoid, so he tries to do the interview at the pediatrician’s office. There he discovers that he brought Geoffrey to the doctor instead of Michael. Marie drops in to interfere in Debra’s life again, and gets on her nerves.

When Debra’s friend Amy contributes to Robert’s Police Welfare Fund, she and Robert hit it off. When Robert is unsure about going on a date, Debra mentions that he is the most handsome Barone she has met. Ray becomes very insecure about this comment and becomes obsessed with his appearance. Ray gets a spray-on tan and a new hairstyle. 25, Ray gives the car to Debra.

She complains about all the problems with the car and asks him to return it. Later she discovers that Ray wants to keep the car because it’s the car in which he first got “lucky”. Ray is shocked to learn that the engagement ring he bought for Debra, with Frank’s help, is fake. He comes up with schemes to exchange the ring with a new one. He succeeds and throws out the fake ring. 00 gem from one of her ancestors. When the cable goes out, Frank, Marie and Robert come barging into Ray and Debra’s house, but their TV service is dead too.

The guys all freak out and decide to rent a movie. The women suggest a game and pick up Scruples. Marie gets upset over an “adult diaper” question from Debra’s card. Note: Jon Manfrellotti appears here as the cable guy from Lynbrook cable. He will later go on to play a totally different character for the rest of the series, that being Ray’s good friend Gianni. Robert wins a Perfect Attendance Medal, but Ray’s Sports Writer of the Year nomination overshadows it.