/Dba 3.0 army lists pdf

Dba 3.0 army lists pdf

These dba 3.0 army lists pdf used for the majority of Peter Pig rule systems. Usually used for cavalry and equipment. Most Peter Pig games use a 21 point countdown.

Choose colour   All dice are 16mm size. 2 faces “I choose” 4 Faces blank. Used when a player wishes to choose the location of the casualties inflicted. Used in some Peter Pig rules. Peter Pig is one of the world’s leading 15mm manufacturers. We make 5500 different figures and models.

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Every range has an associated set of 15mm rules. Also there are related 15mm scenery ranges to accompany the figure ranges. In these days of wandering measures of sizes into 18mm,12mm and other sizes close to 15mm, Peter Pig has remained true to the 15mm ideal. A set of ancient rules based on the square bashing grid system. Includes big battles, mercenaries, artillery, defending towns, flank marches and some good fun! A square will fight another square and the result will cause casualties, fall backs, routs etc.

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