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Buzz said the bee pdf

Keeping bees on Long Island since 1949. Interested in beekeeping, but not sure of what’buzz said the bee pdf involved?

Attend our free beekeeping for new-bees class: Beekeeping 101. Before our regular monthly meeting, from 1:00 to 1:45, you can learn some of the basics of beekeeping and find out if it’s right for you. Learn the pesticide exposure routes for bees, the synergistic effects created, and how we can work to reduce pesticide exposures, and ensure healthier honey bees. Michele Colopy has been the Program Director of the Pollinator Stewardship Council since March 2013. Her father was a beekeeper in southeast Ohio. She keeps honey bees in the city, and has replaced her crabgrass front yard with pesticide-free pollinator flowers for her honey bees and native pollinators. The Pollinator Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization of beekeepers whose mission is to defend managed and native pollinators, vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply, from the adverse impact of pesticides.

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The meeting starts promptly at 2:00. My surviving hive is still flying today after two nor’easters. We have another due tomorrow and I am just praying that these girls will get huddled up close again. I didn’t see them on the crocus or snow drops and I have yet to ever see them on the witch hazel. Hopefully they are over at Camp Edey, the Girl Scout Camp directly west and the Sans Souci Lakes where the skunk cabbage is native. They still have fondant, waiting for the snow to melt so they can find the dandelions! Please welcome these new members, Amy Smith, Michael Rocco, Michele Garr, Richard Brown, Trish Devenish, Michelle Peluso, Patricia Werner, Jasmine Wolber, Brett Klug,Neil Rodgers and Kathy Scalzo.

Please send a check payable to LIBC to Conni Still at 82 Stephen Road, Bayport, NY 11705, go to the club website Longislandbeekeepers. PAYPAL, or pay directly at the next meeting. Any member who has not paid their dues by March 31, 2018 will not receive future newsletters nor have free advertising in future newsletters, AND WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER THE HONEY JUDGING CONTEST! Also please update your copy for your ads. This is not to minimize the roles of habitat destruction. Varroa Resistant queens are of critical importance to increasing the survival of honey bees.