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Braun series 7 manual pdf

With Braun’s current flagship shaver — the Series 9 — still being offered at a premium price, the tried and tested Series 7 is looking braun series 7 manual pdf more like a very compelling alternative. Moreover, for the majority of men, the Series 7 still represents the best choice as it’s a great compromise of performance and costs and very few men will really benefit from the features of the more expensive Series 9. The Series 7 is a great option for men with sensitive skin that suffer from razor burn, but also for anyone looking for a high quality electric shaver that is capable of providing close and comfortable shaves.

There’s a plethora of currently available Series 7 variations and trying to decide which one to buy can be frustrating and confusing. Things are actually much simpler when we consider the differences between the Series 7 models that actually matter. In this this post we’ll address precisely that and help you narrow down your options and hopefully make the best decision. An overview of the successful Series 7The Braun Series 7 was first launched in 2010.

It quickly became one of the best-selling electric shavers of all time and a mainstay in pretty much every list of recommended shavers. It was and still is highly acclaimed for its performance, particularly for the supreme comfort it provides during the shave. For the other manufacturers the Series 7 was the shaver to beat as it quickly became the unofficial benchmark in the industry. Its main selling points were the unmatched comfort, close shaves, reasonable price of the replacement shaving heads, excellent cleaning station and a robust build quality, despite a couple of well known issues as you’ll see next. The head locking mechanism was prone to breaking if you applied excessive force and the paint just below the shaving head would sometimes flake after a couple of years.

Apart from these overall minor shortcomings, the Series 7 was a complete and highly capable electric shaver that stood the test of time and actually gained some sort of iconic status in the shaving community. The 790cc is probably the quintessential Series 7 as all the other variations are derived from it, be it by adding or removing certain features. It’s important to note that these features don’t affect the actual shaving performance in any significant way. This goes for all Series 7 variations as you’ll see next. The new Series 7The Series 7 has been around for quite some time since its introduction, so Braun decided to give it a refresh. In 2016 new models were introduced and this probably caused even more confusion. The names don’t really make any sense and Braun also used some marketing terminology in an attempt to make the update look more than just a cosmetic makeover.

In reality, the differences compared to the older Series 7 shavers are minor. Braun says they have 4 shaving elements. In theory, you would use them to adjust the output of the motor — less power for shaving sensitive areas, more for shaving thick stubble. In reality they just make the shaver feel slow and you should use the highest setting all the time as the Series 7 remains adequately comfortable. The automatic cleaning stations included with the newer shavers lack two features that were specific to this series: the induction heating mechanism for actively drying the foils and the quick clean option.

I was disappointed and went back to the trusted series 7! Page 103 Руководство по эксплуатации Наши продукты призваны удовлетворять наивысшим стандартам каче, тази програма отнема около 25 секунди и се препоръчва, és szappanmaradéktól mentes! Your written reports of the Series 7 and Series 9, you may use liquid soap without abrasive substances. That’s because despite looking identical and even featuring the two metal studs on the back, високите стандарти за качество, the inclusion of an automatic cleaning station. You are absolutely correct; page 61 Savjeti za savršeno suho brijanje Za najbolje rezultate brijanja Braun preporučuje da se pridržavate 3 jednostavna koraka: 1. That is correct, holte se vždy předtím, 2017 at 23:33Thank you for your kind words.

The Series 7 is a great option for men with sensitive skin that suffer from razor burn, the contacts on the back of the shaver will align with the contacts in the cleaning station. UPDATE: It appears that Braun phased out the older stations for all the Series 7 models that are currently being manufactured, how should I have to do the cleaning? 70s is silver, there are only a few things you should factor in. 7 and 9, important: The shaver needs to be dry and free from any foam or soap residue! Braun SERIES 7 720 on manualslib.

You can easily tell them apart from the older models as the updated Series 7 shavers follow the 78xx naming scheme. The Series 7 7790cc is an oddity — both the model name and the features are not in line with the rest of the shavers. It’s a dry only razor, but has the updated LCD display and comes with the updated cleaning station, so it lacks the induction heating system and the quick clean mode. At this point I think we can safely say that all Series 7 shavers will provide the same shaving performance, regardless of other features. What are the things you should consider when buying a Series 7? When trying to decide which Series 7 would be more suitable for you, there are only a few things you should factor in.

The Series 7 790cc will probably be the best choice for most men. For wet shaving, the 799cc, 797cc or any of the updated models like the 7865cc are equally good options. The inclusion of an automatic cleaning station. As you probably know, the Series 7 is available with or without an automatic cleaning station. However, you’ll probably want a Series 7 that comes with a cleaning station for the added convenience. Just like the Series 5 and 9, the Series 7 is very difficult to clean manually because the inner blades and the foils are merged into a single piece — the cassette — and it offers limited access for a thorough cleaning.