/Body parts vocabulary pdf

Body parts vocabulary pdf

Please forward this error body parts vocabulary pdf to sharedip-1601531640. Please forward this error screen to 66. Please forward this error screen to 209. Learning the vocabulary for inside and outside a car using pictures.

The first picture shows the various parts for the outside of a BMW car. In British English the hood is called a bonnet and the trunk is called a boot. The following picture shows the vocabulary for various parts for inside a car. This last picture shows various parts of inside and outside a car that was not included in the previous pictures. Gear lever Used to change gears in a car. Seat belt A car has seat belts in the front and back. You use the verb fasten, when you put your seat belt.

John fastened is seat belt before driving off. Windscreen The windscreen is the big window at the front of the car. Windscreen wipers Are the things used when it is raining, snowing or clean dirt of the windscreen. They are used when driving at night and when it is raining, snow or fog. Tail lights The lights that are at the back of the car are call lights.

The orange light are called indicators and are used when the car is turning left or right. The white part is called the reverse light and lights up when the car is reversing backwards. The red part is used when the head lights are being used so other drivers can see the car in front of them at night time or poor driving conditions. It is also called a brake light and is used when the car is using the brake pedal. Speedometer The speedometer shows how fast the person driving the car is driving.