/Block diagram of dvd player pdf

Block diagram of dvd player pdf

Block diagram of dvd player pdf DVP-C660 – 5 Disc DVD Player Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Sony DVP-C660 – 5 Disc DVD Player. Page 2 THE PARTS LIST ARE CRITICAL TO SAFE OPERATION.

NE REMPLACER CES COM- POSANTS REPLACE THESE COMPONENTS WITH SONY PARTS WHOSE QUE PAR DES PIÈCES SONY DONT LES NUMÉROS SONT PART NUMBERS APPEAR AS SHOWN IN THIS MANUAL OR DONNÉS DANS CE MANUEL OU DANS LES SUPPLÉMENTS IN SUPPLEMENTS PUBLISHED BY SONY. Page 3: Table Of Contents DVP-CX995V TABLE OF CONTENTS SERVICING NOTES 7-28. Page 4: Servicing Notes DVP-CX995V Ver. 1 SECTION 1 SERVICING NOTES NOTES ON HANDLING THE OPTICAL PICK-UP BLOCK OR BASE UNIT The laser diode in the optical pick-up block may suffer electrostatic break-down because of the potential difference generated by the charged electrostatic load, etc. Content Protection for Recordable Media Your player has a region code printed on the Following Discs is a coding technology that protects copyright for back of the unit and will only play DVD Copy-Once programs. Remove the pulley assy, and Align a slit of door assy with a marking on clean the lens of optical pick-up the bottom land of gear tooth when the gear through this hole.

Page 7 DVP-CX995V When installing the cables, it is made to make it crawl in a chassis. DRIVER board cables It is made to contact and for there not to be a switching regulator and cables. Page 9: General DVP-CX995V SECTION 2 This section is extracted from instruction manual. This set can be disassembled in the order shown below.

DISASSEMBLY FLOW Note 1: The process described in can be performed in any order. Note 2: Without completing the process described in , the next process can not be performed. Page 11: Case DVP-CX995V Note: Follow the disassembly procedure in the numerical order given. Page 12: Av Board DVP-CX995V 3-4. Page 13: Front Panel Section DVP-CX995V 3-6. Page 14: Dvbu65 Assy DVP-CX995V 3-8. 4 DOOR MOTOR board 3 Remove two solders.

Page 18: Door Sw Board DVP-CX995V 3-16. Page 19: Lock Sw Board, Loading Sw Board DVP-CX995V 3-17. 601 Loading Motor Board DVP-CX995V 3-18. Page 22: Test Mode DVP-CX995V SECTION 4 TEST MODE 0-1.

DVD SECTION This menu checks all diagnostic items continuously. DVD Single Layer Disc CD Adjustment Steps Select , insert DVD single layer disc, and press key, 1. Sled Reset and the adjustment will be made through the following steps, then 2. Set Disc Type CD adjusted values will be written to the flash memory. Auto Focus Balance Adjust L0 1-5. Auto RFEQ Boost Adjust L0 Note: Make sure, using the TDV-540C in this adjustment.

Jitter measure Select , insert DVD dual layer disc, and press key, and 23. Servo Control On the Test Mode Menu screen, select , and the manual operation menu will be displayed. Servo Control off control and adjustment can be executed manually. Memory Check : Loads the disc from the chucking position of The display image is shown below and three screens in total can be Loading In the table toward inside the mechanism deck.