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The spectrum colours are the colours on the horseshoe-shaped curve on the outside of the diagram. A spectral color is a color that is evoked in a normal human by a single wavelength of light in the visible spectrum, or by a relatively narrow band of wavelengths, also known as monochromatic light. The spectrum is often divided into named colors, though any division is somewhat arbitrary: the spectrum is continuous. Traditional colors in English include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. One needs at least trichromatic color vision for there to be a distinction between spectral and non-spectral colours: trichromacy gives a possibility to perceive both hue and saturation in the chroma.

In color spaces which include all, or most spectral colors, they form a part of boundary of the set of all real colors. The sRGB standard has an additional problem with its “red” primary which is shifted to orange due to a trade-off between purity of red and its reasonable luminance, so that the red spectral became unreachable. Some samples in the table below provide only rough approximations of spectral and near-spectral colors. Note that spectral color are universally included to scientific color models such as CIE 1931, but industrial and consumer color spaces such as sRGB, CMYK, and Pantone, do not include any of spectral colors. Ranges of wavelengths and frequencies are only approximate. A traditional, broad color term, which includes some nearby non-spectral hues. Far spectral violet is very dim and rarely seen.

Impossible colors, which cannot be seen under normal viewing of light, such as over-saturated colors or colors that are seemingly brighter than white. Metallic colors which reflect light by effect. HSL and HSV do not qualify because many spectral colors lie rather far from its gamut. Wikipedia data which sometimes use poor, unprofessional sources, misinterpretation of sources, or occasionally contain original researches.

Wikipedia data which are prone to miscalculation and other irregularities. CRC Handbook of Fundamental Spectroscopic Correlation Charts. 9th International Conference on NDT of Art. Linearly interpolated between two tabulated values. Cyan and green light emitting diode on non-polar m -plane GaN bulk substrate”. Different definitions of RGB give significantly different wavelengths for blue primary, but this does not change the chromaticity greatly.

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