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Best movie scripts pdf

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Yes, I want to receive the latest screenwriting tips. Read more about how we use your info. And not just the spec screenplay that was originally sold, although those are excellent resource points, but the actual movie script that mirrors the final film. But what are the best film scripts to read, and why?

Adventure, Thriller and Horror — and why you need to read them. And if you’ve already read them, why you need to read them again. Because it’s not only by reading scripts, but by really breaking them down, getting inside them and figuring out why they work, that you’ll get the most out of them as a writer. Alan Ball graduated from Florida State University with a degree in theater arts, went on to write for the theater and then television, penning the hit comedies Grace Under Fire and Cybil. Although there are elements of comedy in American Beauty, for which he won the Oscar for best screenplay in 2000, it is overall a drama, and in our opinion a modern masterpiece of screenwriting. The script opens with Jane staring into the camera — a handheld device operated by an unseen man — nonchalantly discussing killing her father. We then cut to said father — a loser named Lester Burnham — and follow him as he begins another miserable day at the office, all the while hearing his Voice Over from beyond the grave.

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