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Apple ipad pdf viewer

Although neither Apple’s Safari nor Google’s Chrome browser can extract files from ZIP archives on iOS, it has been discovered that Apple’s Notes app lets users view the contents of ZIP files by taking advantage of apple ipad pdf viewer’s built-in file attachment viewers. Starting with iOS 9, Notes has received several new features, among them support for adding content to a new or existing note through iOS’s multi-purpose Share menu in apps like Safari, Maps, Pages and more.

Launch Safari on your iOS device and open a webpage containing a ZIP download link, like this one on the University of Colorado’s website. Alternatively, you can also open a ZIP file that you have received by email, for instance. Tap a ZIP link to prompt Safari to download the file. Tap the Share icon at the bottom. You can now select an app on your device that can handle ZIP files.

In our case, we’re going to tap on the Notes icon in the menu. A Notes share sheet pops up. You can optionally add text to accompany your note and choose whether you want to add the ZIP file to a new note or existing one by tapping Choose Note. I’m going to add this particular ZIP archive to a new note. Tap Save to send the ZIP file to Notes.

Now launch Notes on your iOS device and tap your newly created note. You will see the ZIP archive’s icon in your note. Tap it to extract and view its contents. Sure enough, iOS’s data handler kicked in, allowing me to swipe through the images in the ZIP archive.

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